Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I've just become aware of a burn remedy that blew me away. My adult daughter received 2nd degree burns on her fingertips at girl's camp and the cook had her put her hand into flour for about 10 or 15 minutes. It stopped the pain! I looked into it further and have found numerous comments on the effectiveness of flour for burns. One writer said she used it when she burned her tongue. Keep a bag of flour in the fridge because the cold flour is supposed to work even better! Who knew??
(Note: I've already received several rather terse comments about this being a hoax and I shouldn't be spreading it. I have a first hand (no pun intended) account of how a very safe (come on...it's flour) very cheap burn remedy worked for a family member and I have no problem sharing it. No one is obligated to use it...but I know next time I get burned, I'm heading for that cold bag of flour. Now...if I can just figure out if whole wheat flour works too!)

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Anonymous said...

i saw your blog about using flour with a burn late huly. today i had to try it burned my finger badly and nothing helped till i remembered your blog and flour i put my finger in a cup of flour and in five minutes, no more pain. thank you